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The 'January Blahs...'

It’s January! The holidays are now over. You may not be enjoying the weather….. January is about disappearing days; an overwhelming feeling of anti-climax and regrets; worrisome thoughts about the future and what could have been done differently in the past, and thoughts of melancholy. To forge ahead, make new habits to do something productive day that you can feel good about!

1. Make your bed

2. Make contact with at least one friend or family member that is needing a message of caring every day.

3. Spend time every day appreciating your blessings and giving thanks.

4. Practice listening without the need to express an opinion.

5. Lean against a big tree and feel life within.

6. Sit in silence for at least ten minutes without getting agitated.

7. Write a letter to someone that you care about.

8. Sing a song.

9. Drink lots of water.

10. Limit your time on social media to specific times and limited times, regardless.

11. Appreciate what you have and take care of it. Limit accumulation of more.

12. Wash your windows, sweep your floors, and dust your ceiling fan blades and furniture. Change your air filters, clean your gutters and roof valleys, vacuum your refrigerator coils, flush your hot water heater, and rake the dirt and leaves away from your foundation.

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