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Home Buying in the Summer!

Summer is a pleasant time to look for a home, but the hot, dry weather can certainly mask serious problems that may be hidden in your potential property acquisitions.

First, the dry summer weather can hide moisture problems that may exist in a home. This can be counteracted by examining the doors and window frames to ensure there’s no warping, swelling or large gaps that let unwanted moisture and air into the property.

Also, be sure to look at the walls and ceiling. Check for watermarks and be sure to look for hints of microbial growth that may be warning signs of something more serious going on in the house.

This preliminary examination shouldn’t be consigned solely to the interior of the property. Be sure to walk around the outside of the home; discolored patches of grass — surrounded by green — can indicate issues that need to be addressed. Though most homebuyers won’t do this, stooping down and taking in a quick whiff underneath the house will often tell you more about a property than an open-house info sheet.

Most of these warning signs should be noticed during a thorough home inspection. (Don’t skip the home inspection!) Speed is a crucial part of your home buying process, and the more time and energy you spend on properties that won’t end up satisfying you — or have serious structural issues — is time and energy that could have been spent on something far more to your liking.

For a thorough home inspection, with a detailed narrative report, many pictures, and easy access for any questions, please call Busy Bea Home Inspection, llc (318-419-3108).

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