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Updated: Jul 12, 2023

The best thing you can do is schedule your home inspection when it is pouring down rain!

If you can’t coordinate your home inspection with the next rainy day, at least ask your Realtor to take you back so you can look inside and outside as the rain keeps pouring down.

Poor grading & Clogged drains: A rainy day is perfect for observing problems with the grade and draining issues! Is there standing water anywhere in the back yard, front yard, or side yards? Is water pooling at the foundation?

Clogged rain gutters: Is water spilling out of the gutters in places other than the down spout? This can cause fascia board rot, as well as damage to siding or even damage to hidden areas behind stucco or siding! Are the gutters full of debris or sloped improperly? Are there adequate downspouts?

Damaged flashing / seals: Is there water pooling next to the gas furnace or gas water heater? This may be a sign of a loose seal on a vent pipe on the roof. If you’ve already had your home inspection, you may want to have a roof inspection as well.

Leaking windows: Is water coming inside the windows and dripping down the walls? Sheetrock, flooring, and baseboards do not do well in wet conditions.

Rainy days are a wonderful time to observe roof damage from the attic area!

Any uncontrolled water intrusion into the home may also be creating an environment conducive to wood destroying organisms or microbial growth.

Do not hesitate to schedule your home inspection with Busy Bea Home Inspection on a rainy day!

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