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Is Stacking Your Firewood Between Trees a Good Idea?


o trees make an easy end support for stacking firewood, but if you don't follow a few simple rules you can damage and even kill the support trees. Most people stack their firewood between trees for convenience. However, this method does not allow the wood to dry any faster and can cause the wood to dry slower since it's shaded by the tree and not exposed to direct sunlight. In addition, stacking the firewood against the tree may damage trees’ bark (as the trees sway in the wind / rain) and potentially kill the tree. The firewood can cause the bark to rot and the weight of the wood can cause soil compaction around the base of the tree which can also cause the trees to die.

To properly stack firewood between trees, select two mature trees that are less likely to move during wind/rain. Place a runner on the ground between the trees. (Two big limbs may be used. The idea is to keep the firewood from contacting the ground and allow an air gap.) Cover only the top of the stack, as it is necessary for airflow to occur through the stack to prevent mold and rot. Finally, do not allow firewood to remain between trees year after year. Remember, it is always better to use a different end support than trees, but trees can be used for one year with proper planning.

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