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Mold in the Attic

Mold in the Attic - Is it an Issue? I always look for signs of organic growth in the home, under the home, and in the attic. However, the growth of "mold" can not be confirmed without an actual laboratory test. It is important to know that mold in the attic is not likely an indoor air quality issue due to the stack effect. However, mold in a crawl space below your house could contribute mold spores to interior air, which is no guarantee of a health hazard, but simply a statement of fact: we breathe the air that is below our house. Most of the air in your attic is going up and out the upper roof cavity venting and not into your house. There could be exceptions such as a leaky cold air return in an attic that pulls attic air into the house. #atticmold #homeinspection #atticinspection


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