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Was your home built prior to 1960? You may have galvanized water supply piping. Galvanized pipes are steel pipes that have been dipped in a protective zinc coating to prevent corrosion and rust. Naturally occurring zinc is impure, so these pipes were bathed in zinc that also contained lead and other impurities. These pipes may be nearing the end of their functional life span. The built-up mineral deposits inside the pipes cause a reduction in water pressure, can pollute your home’s water, and can compromise the stability of your water supply system.

  • Writer's pictureLisa Bea Smith

Busy Bea Home Inspection, llc offers ‘Aging in Place’ home inspections. This inspection will highlight items which will help to allow a ‘senior citizen’ to remain in their own homes as long as possible. Those who age-in-place will not have to move from their present residence in order to secure necessary support services in response to their changing needs. This inspection may include recommendations for modifications for the kitchen appliances and countertops, bathroom(s), flooring, electrical and lighting, tips for reduced maintenance, tips for safety and security, as well as general advice.

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